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Our teams have
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really is better.

+Where we started


Never make your focus deepening your own pockets. Enrich and create opportunities for others and your pockets will deepen in unimagined ways. The greatest gifts are bestowed to those who give selflessly.

- Shalini Sahay, Service Five Founder

Reduce Overhead

Virtual Assistants can reduce
costs for businesses by 78%.


+ Truth in numbers

Increase Success

72% of employers felt that work from home could be successful.


Build Stability

Just over 3 million Americans
quit their job every month.

(US Bureau of Labor and Statistics)


+ Meet Service Five

Who we are.

We are a heart-led, small but mighty team that provides innovative, team-based personnel solutions. 


We aim to lower your overhead and create a sense of security for business owners and talented professionals. 

Who we serve.

Business owners + leaders

Underemployed talent 

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Our goals.

Connect experienced, talented people with businesses to create a reliable, productive layer of support. 

Give businesses a sense of security and feeling of forward movement. 


Provide the opportunity for a flexible work situation with today’s ever-changing needs in mind.


+ Inspiration

“Never say never,
because limits, like fears,
are often just illusions.”