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Service Five 
does it differently

Service Five has the US-based teams of professionals companies need—now. As businesses continue to grow, pivot, and change the way they operate, the need to be connected to talented individuals who can make goals reality becomes even bigger.

We utilize our business advisors’ experience and deep industry knowledge to draft a team that gives companies optimal support where they need it most.


Count on our teams to help you:

+ Expand hours of support and operation

+ Lower stress levels of owners, managers, and directors

+ Create employment opportunities

+ Increase productivity

+ Lower overhead, personnel costs

+ Provide an added sense of stability in today’s unpredictable work environment

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Currently, we are working with experts in these industries:  

+ Aerospace/ Engineering 

+ Construction 

+ Healthcare/ Medical 

+ Legal 

+ Manufacturing 

+ Technology 

…more to come!

We envision a sweet partnership that brings benefits to all involved.
In today’s ever-changing business climate, you need  a team you can count on.